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Recently I’ve created eight new scanographs. For me, scanning objects on a flatbed scanner is an expressive digital tool that enables me to create unusual images that can’t be duplicated by any other method. By scanning and manipulating different foods and cooking utensils, I was able to create my new culinary images for the Chef and I.


Visit What’s New for more. I’ve also put a few of my favorite color, handpainted, black and white and toned images on other pages.


Visit the Mother Earth page under black and white to see the start of my new series.


I’m currently revamping my website and working on additional scanographs and composite images that are toned and handtinted evoking a days gone by look. I’ll be off to Florida in a few weeks for some rest and inspiration.  


Kitchen Utensils

What’s New - Culinary Scanographs & Mother Earth

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